Easy Guide on How to treat an elderly person

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My grandma is almost 94 years old and still going strong, and, although she is a self-sufficient woman, her age, her diabetes and her dementia, has made us have an even more special treatment with her. Dont get me wrong, she was already special, because, well because she is my grandmother and she deserves all the best in this world. But since she is diabetic and suffers from Senile dementia, making healthy food choices, establishing good habits and learning how to treat and talk to her is important for me and my family.

We have learned along the way that we have to find the right balance of what is motivation and positive support without being interpreted as criticism and nuisance. An older person can interpret things differently, so it is important to know how to choose the words that we are going to use to talk to them.
As I said my grandmother suffers from dementia and her changes of understanding can vary from minute to minute, she easily forgets something that was said minutes ago and must be repeated, sometimes up to 10 times. But we try not to get discouraged, we can definitely be a source of help and motivation to her.

Society tends to exclude and forget about the elderly, and they themselves seem in many cases inclined to corner themselves in the tail van, that of the less active. - So lets stop this nonsense. Let us make them feel important, lets treat them with kindness and affection.

Today I want to share with you an Easy Guide on How to treat an elderly person. These steps have helped us a lot to understand her better and make her feel happy.


1. Establish a relationship and communicate

Communicate with the elderly person you live with. Communication is the most essential element of every relationship. If there is no communication, you wont know the problems and concerns of the other. As a consequence, you will not be able to establish a relationship of respect and trust.

2. Learn from them and their points of view

Respect the person as an individual. Dont treat them like a child. Older people have experienced life with a much greater depth than we usually appreciate, and have lived many more experiences in life. Ask him some questions about his life, what he thinks and what he cares about, tell them to show you photos. Youll be surprised in how much you can learn from them. Im sure youd love their stories.

3. Supports their autonomy.

The mere fact that they are an elderly person should not make you assume that they are not able nor can they handle their own affairs, even if you do not agree with them. Allow them to make their own decisions and dont impose your own opinion over theirs. All adults are able to make some decisions (or even all) on their own; Therefore, help the to improve their ability to do things and make decisions on their own as often as possible. Make them feel self-sufficient.
4. Know their food needs.

Like their consumption of sugar or salt. Older people often have strict diets, but they are tempted to break them, just like us. Watch for their well-being and consult with their doctor to find out what is the best food choices for them.

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PRINT LISTGive the elderly much affection, because at that age they value affection more than ever. A love that manifests itself in the form of dedication, a warm gesture, a warm look, and loving tone when talking to them, a big smile, a kind word, an affectionate gesture, a meaningful embrace, attentive listening, a warm hand on the back, a tender look or a loving handshake are gestures that can reach the soul and fill the heart with joy of our beloved ones. That is the pure meaning of appreciation, dedication and respect.

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